About us

CONTELETTRICH has been on the market since 1967 and has been through a constant development along the years.
Thanks to its artisan size, CONTELETTRICH has various peculiar features, such as flexibility and brilliance in its management. Thus, it is easier to closely cooperate with customers and positively meet their needs, promptly and efficiently.
CONTELETTRICH operates in many industrial fields as the mechanical, the electrical and up to components production. Our customers are either small companies or nation-wide enterprises.
Each step of the production cycle is strictly monitored, from the receiving of raw materials up to the delivery of ultimate products.
We also manufacture samples and prototypes and supply our customers with small stocks. We deliver quickly and perfectly in time!
We are at your complete disposal for any other information you may require and to focus, define and accomplish any specific requirement concerning production and applications. Do not hesitate to call us for an estimation without an obligation on your part.

Materials: iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, silver.
Galvanic treatments: zinc-plating, nickel-plating, chromium-plating, brass-plating, copper-plating, painting, anodization, burnishing, tinning, silver-plating and gold-plating.
Thermal treatments: annealing.
Packing: the standard adopted is polypropylene sacks, but we could use cardboard boxes or plastic bags on demand.

CONTELETTRICH: since 1967 a guarantee of quality and seriousness.